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Busy time of year!

Wow, it has been almost 5 months since I last posted. I need to do an update! A lot has gone on in the past 5 months. At the end of February, we painted the back hallway and the stairs that lead into the house. It was white with green stairs before. We also added a schoolhouse pendant light fixture back there that matches the other lights we have added in the house. It looks like we didn't take pictures after the crown molding was added. It's a difficult/small area to try and get good pictures. We finished up the dining room windows in March. As of now, we only have 3 windows left. Once we finish those, we can do the floors!  Towards the end of March, we added a bunch of garden beds in the front yard. Our goal is to eliminate as much grass as possible!  Picked up some plants to start filling the flower beds... We got several tons of compost and soil to fill the garden beds.  Picked up two Conquest maples for the boulevard

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

We have finished some woodwork recently and are hoping to finish it up in the next few months.  The woodwork when we purchased the house, covered in paint and texture: Stripped woodwork  Stained and finished woodwork A not good picture of the parlor window before we took possession of the house: The same window, mid restoration. The paint on this window was an absolute pain to strip.  Partially stained window  Finished window!  New blinds for the finished window We currently have... 6 windows left to finish and then we can move to the floors! All of the ceiling beams and baseboards are completed, so we just need to finish the windows so that we can refinish the floors. We have spent countless hours stripping and sanding woodwork and I feel like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel for these projects. 

Cat Patio Enclosure

We lost a kitty recently to an accident. He was ran over and I could not have been more upset with myself. I vowed to not allow a cat outdoors again without knowing they were 100% safe. Because of this, we chose to build an enclosed patio in the yard for our surviving kitty. We built it so that he could enter from the basement and go in and out as he pleases. We cleared out the area where we wanted the catio: Cemented the posts in the ground We used livestock fencing, definitely more than we needed to keep kitties in.  Building the door to the catio The top of the catio has fencing folded over to keep them from climbing the structure and getting out Beau's first time in the catio. We have since spruced it up with some tree stumps, ramp and landing areas.