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Showing posts from February, 2013
We have been very busy around here lately... The house is a disaster, everything is covered in dust and we cannot wait to be finished with the projects we are working on. We have been making a storage bed for our bedroom. Because our room is so small, this bed will allow us to store all of our clothes in our room when before we had to store them in armoires in another room. We also decided to refinish the bedroom floors ourselves. We expected this to be an easy job, but boy were we wrong. We brought home the sander and realized pretty quickly that we would have to strip the floors with a chemical stripper before we could sand. We stripped the floor, used mineral spirits to clean it and then sanded. After we sanded, we used mineral spirits again and stained it using Minwax's Dark Walnut. We are currently applying the poly top coat. Here is a picture of the floor after most of it had been stripped. These floors are in the worst condition out of all the flooring in the house.