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Project Updates

I haven't posted a lot in the past couple months... But we have been very busy working on all sorts of projects. I think we have house a.d.d... But we really have accomplished a lot. Here are some more recent projects: Because we were broken into over Christmas break, we installed two more security cameras and a couple of signs stating that we have cameras. While the signs are not beautiful, I hope they will deter future break-ins. We also have signs in the yard that advertise that we have a security system, so hopefully this makes our house seem less appealing. We also purchased a locking mailbox because our mail was tampered with around the same time that we were broken into. The mailbox has been great because I don't have to worry about the dogs being out front when the mailman comes. It is also nice for when we are gone on short trips... We don't have to worry about having someone come over to bring our mail in. We added the 2x4s to the top of the arb


I haven't posted recently, but we have been working around the house quite a bit. Now that the weather has changed, we have been outside a lot. We have been planting and gardening quite a bit and even worked some more on the arbor. We finished the top to the gate in the backyard and handy husband made caps for the tops of the 2x6s on the drive through gate. I will have to post pictures soon, but I wanted to write down a list of goals for the next couple months. -Stain 2x4s and use them to edge the garden beds in the back yard -Put up the caps on the 2x6s -Stay on top of weeds in the yard -Sand the trim upstairs so we can paint it crisp white -Paint the wall that leads up the stairs and through the hall upstairs -Buy a used crock pot to strip some more hardware (I recently stripped a bunch using a pan on the stove, but have heard a crock pot works wonders and don't want to destroy mine) -Start thinking about finishing the beams and woodwork in the living/dining room area