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Bathroom Window

Our bathroom is by far the most embarassing room in our house. It has horrible wood beadboard, ripped linoleum, an 80's vanity/sink, gross tub/shower surround and (used to have) a peeling window. A couple of weeks ago, we decided we were tired of the gross window, so we stripped the paint. We found decades worth of paint underneath the white paint. There was pea soup green, mustard yellow and pink. We then painted it with primer, and we are waiting on a paint sale so we can paint the beadboard, window and original medicine cabinet white. Here it is before primer:

Bedroom Furniture and Closet Demolition

I know I haven't posted in a while... We have been busy working, doing yardwork and recently I have started working on stripping woodwork again! I am going to be be playing catch up on here :D Last month, we found some furniture on Craigslist that matched a dresser we had purchased from a lady that painted it. I got the paint matched at Sherwin Williams, and we were able to paint the new dresser and nightstands and now have a matching set! They are far from antique, but have a lot of character. Before: They were pretty scratched up, but were beautiful! After: Now it matches the rest!(Please ignore the missing drawer, I didn't notice when I took the picture) Now we have two matching dressers and two nightstands. We also chose to take down a closet that the previous owner added to add more space to our room. It was a messy job, but it made our 'master' bedroom feel a little more spacious. Before: The closet protruded into the room and took up a lot of squa