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Yard Update

The weather here has been gorgeous lately... Last week, it got HOT! Thankfully, it cooled down this week and has been in the mid 70s. Perfect if you ask me :) We have been spending more time out in the yard lately... and I'm loving it! We planted a bunch of full sun perennials and hope to bring more color to our front yard. We got a couple peonies, different types of ground cover, and several different plants. We have also planted corn, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I'm crossing my fingers for a successful crop this year! Our bathroom light fixture came in the other day, but we have yet to install it. I am excited for it. It should be a lot better than the gold fixture that is in there now. We also purchased some white 'bamboo' blinds for the front porch. We don't have the best view and have very little privacy, so hopefully these will help both of those problems so that we can enjoy our front porch more often. School is out soon, so I am looki