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Floors and Painting

This weekend was busy. We started Friday after work with prepping for the floor sander. We stripped the floor in the closet and finished painting the walls. We were able to refinish the floors in three rooms this weekend; the bathroom, blue room upstairs and the bedroom attached to the bathroom. I stripped down all the trim in the room attached to the bathroom. It will be a sitting room. The woodwork took a lot of time... We stripped it down with the heat gun, sanded and then painted. I am so glad to be done with the thrim! Partial trim stripped. The trim had several layers of flaky paint. We chose Sherwin William's Studio Blue Green for the walls in this room. It really pops against the white trim.  We plan on painting the ceiling, putting in crown and getting a new light fixture for this room. Below the toilet, there was plywood. We bought some clear fir to match up with the existing wood in the bathroom.  Couver waiting

House Chaos

We have been crazy busy lately, so I really need to catch up some pictures... But I'm at work, so those will have to wait. We are still working on the bed. Thomas has the frame put together for the the headboard and will be doing the finishing work on it this weekend. I am excited to get it in the bedroom. It will provide a ton more storage and look nice :) We took the furniture out of the 'dressing room' and used adhesive stripper on the floors to get the sticky black tar adhesive up. I stripped all of the woodwork in there to create a clean surface to paint on. It was a LOT of work, but will be worth it to have clean looking trim. The previous owners had painted layer upon layer and there were drips and screw holes everywhere from window treatments. They had also painted the baseboards up to the carpet, so there was gross carpet in the paint.We will also be painting the walls and ceiling in that room. We chose Sherwin William's Studio Blue Green for that room and

Finished Floors and More Storage!

We finished up the floors in our bedroom, laundry area and upstairs landing. It feels so good to have finished floors in our house. They are beautiful and I love them! We used MinWax's Dark Walnut stain. The floors downstairs (laundry area and the bedroom) are clear fir. I don't believe they have ever been finished, but look great. The upstairs landing. These floors were covered in a black adhesive. We stripped them, sanded, stained and did three coats of poly. Finished floors + gallery wall = LOVE Laundry area... Same thing, these have never been finished. We painted the bedroom and we are working on a bed for the room.  This is the bed before the drawers were built.  There are three drawers on each side. All of the space under the bed is usable :) We plan on building the headboard and footboard. The headboard will have more storage. An upstairs bedroom. It used to be the dog room, and we finished it so Thomas could use it as an