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Spring 2012 Pictures

This weekend Thomas was able to borrow his work camera and took some pictures of the house. I enjoy looking back through pictures to see our progress, so here is the house in Spring 2012! The front. There have been a lot of changes this year... New picket fence, gate, arbor, new door, lots of plants, a new oak tree... We hope the next couple years will bring a new paint job, at least one of the spruce trees cut down, more flower beds and much more. I love this angle. Our new flag! Now we just need to find a matching Canadian flag to go on the other side. I love our rain chains and rain barrels... They are very therapeutic.  Side of the house. The new tree is a Scarlet Oak... It will turn bright red in the fall and will get huge.  The back of the house. Major changes to the back have been a new privacy fencee, lots of perennials, hot tub and rain barrels. This is the side gate in the backyard. We have clematis climbing up the side of the gate. I love the bea


Well, I said I'd update with pictures... So here is a picture overload: Knob and tube wiring Bunglehouse blue up the stairwell... It looks less smurf blue in real life. I think it's going to look great with the trim painted a crisp white and with some solid carpet going up the stairs.  New lighting. On the left is the porch light and the two on the right are the sconces we chose for the living room. New porch light. Not my favorite out there, but it also was not $200, so it will do for now.  The new sconces. They give off so much light... It is great. Our living room used to be a dark dungeon I love it! Light switch by the front door. The left- sconces, middle- lamp plugs and right is the porch light. The state of the living room last night. We cleared it out so that our couches could be delivered. Couver telling me he is over the cleaning and wants to play.  Our new couches. We don't have all the pieces... It will eventu

Project Madness

We have been working almost every day after work and on the weekends for the past few weeks. Here is what we have done so far: -Painted the living room and dining room a color called Hubbard Squash by Sherwin Williams -Painted the parlor a color called Library Pewter -Started painting the hallway and upstairs Bunglehouse Blue -Worked on sanding and staining the woodwork (this is a p.i.t.a) -Finished electrical on the main floor which includes        -Installing two mission style light sconces to brighten up the living room        - Installing a dimmer switch for the sconces         - Updating wiring from knob and tube        -Installing a new light on the porch (to replace the gold boob light we had)        -Installing a switch for the porch light that you can input your location in so it turns the light on/off when it  needs to be (this will be amazing for when we are on a trip... so people won't be able to tell we are gone!)        -Updating the plugs so we now have