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We finished up the front fence this past week, and I couldn't be happier. We just have to build an arbor and gate to complete it. We have also been doing a bit of yardwork. We have added a lot to our yard this year (daisies, several types of echinacea, trumpet vines, honeysuckle, clematis, and several other colorful perennials. It will be great to watch everything grow over the years and have the opportunity to continue adding more every year. We were cleaning our closet, and found an old photograph. I sent it to the second owner's children (the two that we met), and they said they did not recognize the people in the photograph, but were able to tell me that they were wearing was an Army Air Corps WW2 uniform, which was when their parents owned the house and that the man could have been a son of friends. Very cool! Our next goal is to work on the woodwork. We have almost completed three windows, and want to stain them back to how they were originally. Windows now:

Busy, Busy Summer!

I feel like we haven't stopped working on the house all summer. I work a full-time job along with my husband, and we come home every night to work on something. The past couple of months, the work has been mostly outside. We have been gardening, weeding, building a picket fence, and maintenance (mowing, edging etc). We built and stained our wine rain barrels. We absolutely love them. We picked up some water hyacinths and goldfish and created a fountain out of a large wine bottle. They are the perfect small water feature! We have been working on our white picket fence out front for a couple weeks. We decided to reuse a lot of the wood from our old fence. This was a LOT of work, but saved us a bit of money. I scraped all the old paint off of the boards, and we had to cut and angle the boards and then paint. As of now, we have both sides completed, and just need to finish the front of the fence. The front of the fence will have new boards simply because we ran out of old bo