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Before and After Pictures - Paint and Fencing

I thought I would post some before and after pictures of some more recent projects. I feel like I don't post on here often enough, so I thought I would put up some pictures :) The shed on the day of the inspection, before we purchased the house. About four years later with a new door post scraping/prepping for paint. After, painted with Bunglehouse Blue by Sherwin Williams and white trim Our bedroom window. Broken window pane and old paint.  New window paint and fresh paint! The house a few years ago, before we put in the picket fence.  The house a week ago while the guys were scraping/prepping for paint. The house tonight, post paint job :) The house years ago in all its yellow glory. Tonight with a fresh paint job.  Again, years ago.  And tonight, with our incomplete privacy fence. It is replacing that shabby picket fence.  And here are some fencing pictures. We've

We Painted the House!

We had the house painted this week! We hired a professional and it was completely worth not having to do it ourselves. They spent two days prepping the house. They pressure washed, scraped, sanded, caulked, primed and then painted. We chose Sherwin Williams Bunglehouse Blue for the body, white for the trim, Atmospheric for the porch ceiling and Iron Ore for the window and porch floor. We chose to paint the porch ceiling a haint blue because of the history behind it. We will see if it makes a difference with the amount of bugs. It is amazing how much of a difference paint can make! Now for the fun part, the pictures. The front of the house while the painters were working. The north side of the house. The west side of the house. The north side. The front Front porch They finished on Friday and it is still quite shocking to walk out and see a blue house instead of a yellow one. We think the blue makes the house look m

Project Update

This summer has been a busy one! I've spent a lot of time in trainings and working on my master's, so  we've had some help with all the woodwork. A lot of the woodwork is completed, but we still have the ceiling in the living room and the windows left work on and stain. It is fun to see progress finally happening! We will hopefully get to refinish the floors this year! We have a ton of projects planned in the upcoming month or so. On the 30th of August, the painter is going to start. That will be huge! On Labor Day weekend, we will demo our sunken patio in the backyard and plan on getting that completed by fall. We have ordered some more fencing so that we can take down the rickety fence between the front/backyard and between ourselves and the neighbor. That will completely fence in our backyard and we will have 100% privacy. Our backyard will be our own little oasis! Here are some pictures to show you how far our woodwork has come: This is what the woodwork looked