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Fall 2012

The past month or so has been pretty slow around the Bois Bungalow. We haven't completed very many tasks and I am hoping things will pick up around here soon. My goal is to get working on the woodwork soon... Kill me now! lol We have been spending a lot of time with the dogs at the park and having fun with our friends. Skip this post if you don't want to see lots of pictures of my puppies :)  The porch 'decorated' for fall. We didn't go all out, but I plan on getting a bunch of decorations after Halloween on sale! One of the Halloween parties we went to. We have a lot of fun dressing up.  Khloe with her new Fetching tag. Couver and Khloe in their car seat. They are the best travelers. I decided to paint the laundry closet one day after work. We got new shelving and made the small space so much more functional. I will have to post 'after' pictures another time.  Khloe Mae at the par