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Another Yard Update - May 2014

Most of our time lately has been spent in the yard. Life has been crazy, with the end of the school year, trainings, Master's classes and the house... We've been busy! We finally scheduled the insulation. They will drill holes, spray insulation in and then cap the holes and putty over so you cannot tell they were ever there after you paint. It should make a difference with our heating and cooling costs. There is a pretty significant rebate, so it will definitely be worth it. I will post pictures when they finish. It is scheduled for June 9th. I am loving the yard right now... It is fun to watch things grow over the years and fill in. Our yard still isn't 100% where we want it to be, but it is getting there! I eventually want the English garden look, so it will take a bit. Front of the house  The roses out front. They are very fragrant!  Close up of the roses out front. I love the light purple.  The climbing roses in the back yard. We only ge

Painted Shed and Playhouse

We have painted the shed and playhouse and fallen in love with Bunglehouse Blue from Sherwin Williams. It is a nice crisp blue and looks great against the stark white trim. What a difference! The shed after we pressure washed it twice and sanded it down. Painted in Bunglehouse Blue by Sherwin Williams. We still need to do touch up and finish the window.  Out the back, we plan on building a new door to match the side door. This door is proof of the previous owner's skill. It's how she did everything...  The playhouse painted. It still needs house numbers, mailbox and some more trim. It's home for many bees and we hope to change that.  And now for the obligatory yard update! The roses are blooming!  The Conquest Maple is filling in wonderfully.  Snowball plant is blooming  The irises have all taken off! Geraniums and blue berries   The cacti are insane.  We are thinking about potentially pain