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Showing posts from January, 2013
Life has been pretty busy around the Bois Bungalow... I got hired on full time as a kindergarten teacher and have finally settled into the teaching routine. I am really enjoying getting to see my kids everyday and I love my job! We have also been doing a lot around the house. While visiting family, we found the perfect vanity for the bathroom with a vintage style top to it. It was too big to drive home in my tiny car, but we will get it the next time they come visit us. We plan on finishing the bathroom in the next coming months. We will be installing the new vanity, hex floor tile and getting a new tub/shower surround. We have also been working on our bedroom. We painted the flesh colored walls Rembrandt Ruby from the Sherwin Williams historic collection. We tore out the floor molding that was being used as crown and will replace it with something more substantial. The previous owners had sprayed texture on the walls and hit almost all of the crummy molding they installed with it