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Finishing the Kitchen

We have continued working on the kitchen... and still have more to do! Here is the kitchen from around when I posted last: We then worked on the counters for the cabinets that we moved... These cabinets were where the stove is now. They are now next to the fridge and house my coffee bar. We stained and did 3 coats of Waterlox on the counters. This is an area that we added to the right of the stove. It will house my pots and pans! We did the same for this countertop. We finished tiling the wall (the last couple tiles have since been installed). We are contemplating building a plant shelf on the window. Winston had a chance to test out the new sink. Cover and Khloe have been enjoying the beautiful weather with their new haircuts.   We worked on the shoe storage bench and storage cabinet. We also stained the drink cart (to the left in the picture) to match the rest of the counters. We fostered these two (yes, we had four dogs for