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Increased Security

Because of the break in over Christmas Break, we have had a flurry of purchases at the Bois Bungalow. We had to replace both our front and back door due to the kick in and we chose to upgrade and purchase beautiful fiberglass Craftsman style doors along with Emtek Arts and Crafts hardware. For the hardware, we chose a single cylinder tubular set with the Arts and Crafts lever. (I tried to post links, but they do not seem to be working...) As for the door, we ordered the Fiber-Classic Mahogany Therma Tru door. The link for the door is also not working :( We have also purchased an additional two cameras for our property. One will be on the front porch facing the door and the second will be in the backyard. Hopefully this will deter any future break ins. We have also chosen to purchase wood for our arbor out front that will frame the walkway up to our front door. It will be great to finish the fence. It has been far too long! We also purchased a locking mailbox because our mail


For Christmas and New Years, we spent 11 days out of town visiting both of our families. We have never been away from the house for more than a week, so this was a long trip for us. We headed up to Seattle on Christmas day to visit my grandparents and then to British Columbia to visit Thomas' family. We had a security system installed less than a year ago and have a security camera along the back of our house to keep an eye on our fence (tagging is a huge problem in our area). On December 29th, we got notification on our iPhones that our alarm was going off and the back door, kitchen door sensors had been triggered along with the living room motion detector. We assumed that it was my parents checking on the house (they have set the alarm off before...) So we disarmed it remotely. I texted my family, and eventually realized they were not the ones that set off the alarm. We immediately re-armed it and got a phone call from our alarm company and sent the police to check the premises