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Summer 2014

This summer has been a lot more productive than last. I spent all of June in trainings, but we got to work in July. We have had a couple of teenagers working on the woodwork and we finished staining the ceiling in the dining room. Our goal is to complete the ceilings and the floors this summer and then finish the windows after that.  We have received several estimates for painting the exterior and are finally going to pull the trigger in September. We are painting the body of the house Bunglehouse Blue Super Paint from Sherwin Williams, white trim and an undecided dark charcoal grey for the inside of the windows. We plan on sanding the porch down ourselves and painting it the same color that we use for the inside of the windows. I am very excited to get the house painted. I think it will be the biggest improvement thus far on the house.   In the fall we are also going to tear out the old cracked concrete patio and pour a new one. I hope to do stamped concrete in a brick or cobb