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Kitchen Update

We are now weeks into our kitchen renovation and we are over the mid-project hump. We have done so much... Warning, this post is going to be picture heavy. Our kitchen used to be Laminate City. It was horrid... A counter top that matched (?) our cabinets. Who thinks that's a good idea? Look at this beauty: We ripped out the 'backsplash' and the counters. We found that previous owners had wired behind the backsplash. Great decisions... We have made countless trips to Home Depot, Ace, and Lowes. The dogs like to come with us.  We moved a section of cabinets so that we could place the stove on an exterior wall to vent outside. After moving the cabinets, we found there was a hole in the floors that we had not anticipated. This would have to be repaired, sanded, and stained to match the rest of the kitchen fir floors.  When ripping the backsplash out, we found evidence of the original faucet. We chose to go with simple white subway tile