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Painting, Carpet and Kittens

Our most recent projects have included working on one of the rooms upstairs, getting carpet installed on the stairs and bottle feeding kittens. I took in two three week old kittens that were abandoned by their mom and have had to bottle feed them every 4 hours. They have been a lot of work, but will slowly get more independence and be a little less work. We will be finding them their forever homes when they are around 8 weeks. The calico kitten is a female.  The tuxedo is a bob tail and a boy.  They are so tiny... I can't wait to watch them grow up.  Lots of trips to Home Depot and Lowes The carpet padding. We went with the best padding because it has plastic on top that prevents liquids from seeping down.  The carpet installer. Couver modeling the new carpet. It is so nice to walk on... and so much quieter. I never thought I would put in carpet, but it is great!  The carpeting is one of only three projects we have paid someon