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Update with Pictures

Work around here has slowed down... We have taken time off to enjoy this: We have been having so much fun driving around with the top down... Enjoying the beautiful weather. But, here are some of the updates we have finished: We moved our mattress upstairs to the 'office'. We now have two spare queens and a spare king bed for guests! The blue room upstairs got some different furniture. A close up of the finished floors :) The new bathroom vanity, sink top and faucet. *LOVE* We painted the sitting room, installed a couple of schoolhouse fixtures, refinished floors and the trim. We still need to paint the ceiling and install crown. Finally got the MJ albums back up! New light fixture :) We purchased the same one but in chrome for the bathroom... It will hopefully be delivered soon! Thomas' office upstairs has become a truly functional space for him. And that is it for now... We have been tending to the yard and I am

Finishing Projects

We have finished up several projects around the house lately. We installed the new vanity in the bathroom, finished the headboard on the bed, completed our armoires, and have been installing new light fixtures. We finally got tired of the disaster that our house was and started tidying... But we still have a ways to go. There are three doors waiting to be stripped and painted. The weather has been changing and we are starting to transition to the outside, but it feels great to have several projects finished. I am hoping to convince Thomas to tear up the kitchen floor this summer. We are hoping the floor under the linoleum is in good enough shape to be sanded and stained to match the rest of the floors. Before we do that, I want to paint the walls. Our (eventual) plans for the kitchen: -Paint walls -Install new counters (butcher block) -Install apron front sink and new vintage style faucet -Rip up linoleum -Refinish floors -Strip woodwork and repaint -Repaint banquet to match