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Another Kitchen Update...

At the Bois Bungalow, we are about 90% done with our kitchen remodel! I am pretty excited to share with you pictures of our kitchen from the past couple months.  We installed a large and beautiful apron front sink and new chrome faucet.  The counters were sanded and ready for stain. I stained the majority of the counters and then we began working on the tile. There were some uneven areas that we leveled out. Tiling was a slow and tedious job, but I really enjoyed it! There were thousands of spacers... ...and buckets of mastic. A garbage disposal was installed (<3) New electrical outlets were installed. I chose to have them horizontal and lower so that they would be less obvious. More tiling... slowly but surely we finished! I knew that I wanted the whole wall to be tile... Thomas thought I was crazy, but when he saw it completed, he agreed! Next, the grout! We chose white grout. I feel like white g