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Showing posts from December, 2012
I haven't updated lately, but we have been doing some work around the house. Thomas has finished a lot of electrical and we finished a room upstairs. It was previously the dog room because it was only 3/4 finished with laminate flooring and the rest of the room had exposed subfloor. This room was originally part of the attic, so it didn't have the original wood floors like the rest of the house, so we decided to rip out what was there and put new stuff down. It also did not have the original woodwork, so we purchased new baseboards and trim for around the window and doors.  Not the best picture (from Instagram), but it gives you an idea. We painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Twilight Gray (I'm pretty sure...)  Here is a picture with the baseboards. They are definitely not as tall as the original ones, but this is a room we don't use much. We just wanted it to be finished and usable.  This room is now an office for Thomas to do his computer work