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We had cellulose insulation blown in and the guys finished in 2 days. It was fun to see how it all worked and get to watch someone else work on a project and not have to worry. It isn't often that we hire out jobs, so it was nice. The cellulose came in big bags: They drilled tiny holes in the siding. One set lower down: And another set higher up: This picture shows you how bad the paint is... I really hope we get it painted this fall.  Front porch holes: They blew the cellulose in using these hoses.  This is what the insulation looked like.  Then they filled the holes with wood corks.   It feels great to have it done! It will be interesting to see what difference it makes in our heating and cooling bills. Our next projects include: -Working on the woodwork in the parlor and dining room, -Scraping the ceiling in the dining room, -Staining the beams in the parlor and dining room, -Sanding and staining the flo