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Yard Update - Spring 2014

Spring is officially here and I am loving it! We have been spending a lot of time in the yard enjoying the beautiful weather. This post is just a yard update. We have not had the insulation completed yet, but hope to do so in the next month or so. I am crossing my fingers that we get the house painted this summer, but it might have to wait until next year. We bought 5 gallons of Bunglehouse Blue from Sherwin Williams for the shed to see if that is what we want for the house. We plan on painting the shed ourselves to confirm our color choice. I will post some pictures when we get to it! We found a local craftsman and purchased some bird houses from him. I plan on painting the big one the same color that we choose for our house. The daffodils are blooming. Purchased some geraniums to plant in the flower beds in front. My neighbor's lilac bush. I love it so much, we purchased 5 lilac trees to line the boulevard out front. Our cacti. They do amazing here with o