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Final Downstairs Bathroom and Kitchen Update

It's official - we are done with the downstairs bathroom! It has gone through several smaller renovations, but we have finished the final remodel! It has been nice to enjoy our new bathroom and think about future projects. We chose to stick with the classic subway tile and beadboard to keep the bathroom looking timeless. We took the wall halfway down between the toilet and shower to make it feel more open. It is amazing how much a little wall can make a difference!  We had the glass surround custom made so that it was extra tall. We also had the plumber install the shower head up higher than normal.  Thomas made a built in magazine rack and toilet paper holder. It gives a lot more space between the toilet and wall.  The door on the right did not have the original woodwork (the door may have been added later on), so we had found a match and created our own trim. It matches perfectly... you can't even tell it is new!  We have also finis