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Woodwork, floors, and furniture!

We finished up the woodwork in the parlor and now just have two windows left before we are done with woodwork! Finishing sanding the woodwork after stripping and scraping it. Staining Another finished window! We had to replace several boards around the dining room windows because of damage and radiator holes. We also had to fill in the gaps from where the colonnades and bookshelves were removed in the 30's. The previous owners had filled the gaps with plywood, so we matched the original oak with new oak. This November, we finally refinished our main living area floors! It was a lot of square footage, but was pretty simple compared to our previous experiences (kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom). These floors are original to the house and are fir and oak. We knew we wanted to go with the same dark walnut color that we have done all of the other floors and woodwork in. Here are the floors before sanding: First we sanded the floors down