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Kitchen Update

The kitchen has been 'finished' for a while, so I thought I'd update with some pictures.  Here is just a reminder of what we had to work with... The floors were disgusting! and after sanding, stain and a coat of polyurethane!  The wall behind the fridge and stove is wrecked, so there was a board covering it, and we decided to pull it off and add beadboard. It will be easier to wipe down and add character. Thomas got to use his new compressor and nail gun. Our beautiful new dishwasher. It is such an improvement over our old one. I don't have to hand wash dishes anymore! You can see the bottom of the cabinets here are unpainted because they were covered with three layers of linoleum and are now exposed.  So we got the paint matched and added shoe moulding. It's amazing how much of a difference the little things can make. Here is the disaster of a kitchen, but it was progress! In these pictures, you can see the quarter rou