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We have been having trouble getting motivated to work on the woodwork. Thomas has decided to start working on more of the electrical to avoid having to help me work on the trim... I do enjoy the results of his electrical work, but I feel like it would go so much faster to both work on the woodwork. I finished the breakfast nook a few weeks ago and it has been nice having a little table in the kitchen that we can actually use. The previous table in there had his computer on it, so it was never used for meals. Here is a picture of some of our original wiring. Isn't it beautiful? Is it odd that I enjoy seeing inside of our walls... I feel like I get to see a little bit of history. In the dining room we left a little note for a future owner to find. I'm thinking I might leave another little something in the parlor when Thomas finishes up in there. I'm hoping to get motivated to work on some more sanding tonight... It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't leave such

Fall is in the air!

Because of the cooler weather, our work has shifted inside recently. We have been stripping the woodwork in the living/dining area and are hoping to finish it this winter (*hopefully!). Some of the woodwork is more difficult because the paint smears more, while other sections of paint come off in huge sheets. It's odd. This is one job I cannot wait to complete. We also planted our first tree on the property. We chose a Scarlet Oak because we wanted a decidious tree and the leaves turn a gorgeous red in the fall. It is going to be a gorgeous tree when it grows up... This past week the hubby was away so I picked up a banquette for our kitchen and an old round table to go with it. I decided to prime it and paint it white to match our kitchen cabinets. It will be great to eat breakfast in our bright little breakfast nook. I will have to post some after pictures once it is all set up. Post sanding After priming