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Yard Update: Fall 2013

Just a heads up, this post is going to be full of pictures of the yard. I wish I had taken more pictures earlier when more was in bloom... We are having the lawn sprayed with Pylex to kill the crab grass. It is amazing stuff. We are going to reseed later in the fall. The trumpet vines have taken off this year. They didn't bloom much, but the greenery is nice against the fence. I love our oak tree. It provides a great shade canopy and the dogs love chasing the squirrels that live in it. Our rain barrels are still going strong. We haven't lost any goldfish this year, and the water plants are growing like crazy.  The climbing roses are also growing like mad. We only got one bloom out of them this year, but I appreciate them anyway. Clematis survived this year :) It is pretty delicate and the dogs like running up the fence and broke the one last year. We planted several new plants this year. This lily is one of them.  The delphinium was loo

Sanding/Staining Doors and Entryways

Well, hubby has decided that he's tired of all the unfinished work around here... So he's been sanding/staining and doing the poly on some of the woodwork that's been almost ready for over a year. It has been great to see some things getting done. I'm hoping we can get motivated to work on the ceiling this winter! It would be so nice to be able to finish the floors once everything else is done.  Thomas sanding the office door. One side is painted, the other is stained.  Almost ready for stain!  One coat of stain. Two coats of stain and two coats of poly... still wet.  Stained entryway to the kitchen. Stained archway to the living room.  Stained and polyed door!! Couldn't be happier with the way that the fiberglass door matches.  Stained office entryway.  The other side... looking into the dining room. Please excuse the disaster... 

Is it fall already?

Summer flew by this year! I cannot believe my last post was in May... This summer I chose to take a Master's class and spend some time relaxing. We didn't get too much done around the house. I feel like we were out in the yard for the majority of it. We really need to take pictures. Our garden is much more plentiful this year, and I hoping to continue adding to it for years to come. I love the English garden look, so hopefully our yard will look like one eventually! School has started, so I feel I've been in the classroom a lot. I'm hoping to eventually get to the point that I don't have to come in on the weekends, but I do not picture that happening soon. Oh the joys of being a teacher! I will update soon with pictures... I am hoping to get motivated soon to work on the ceiling. It is what is holding us back from finishing the floors.