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2016 Update on the Bois Bungalow

Happy winter! It has been a horrible winter here this year and we have been buried in ice and snow... We are 8 cancelled school days in and the snow is still here. I'm hoping this melts soon!  I have not posted in a while, but there has not been much to blog about. We have done a lot of gardening and some woodwork around the house. I will update with pictures and hope to have some big updates in the next couple months. For now, here are the pictures from the past year.  The house in the spring. I am longing for sunny days like this again.  We purchased a lot of compost this year to create additional garden beds on the property. This was just one load.  We installed a new basketball hoop for our wisteria. Thomas has to break the concrete off of the old one.  We built a new door for the shed. Here is the before picture from years ago: ... and after! It is so satisfying seeing this project complete.  We fostered 5 kittens this summer! This is