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April 2018 Update

The Bois Bungalow has had a few changes in the past year. We completed the kitchen, have been working on the yard, and started a bathroom renovation this week. 

Peonies from June 2017:

Cleaning up the spruce trees last summer:

We fostered 13 kittens and cats last summer... we were busy! 

We completed a small bathroom reno a couple months ago. Our upstairs bathroom has been pink since we moved in... We painted the walls, tiled the tub, and installed a shower to make the bathroom more useful. 

We chose a light gray color from Sherwin Williams (light french gray). It is a huge improvement from the Barbie pink! 

We also installed a large mirror. These changes will be good for a couple years until we can do a full gut on the bathroom and do a complete renovation (we are thinking claw foot tub, walk in shower, new vanity, flooring, etc.)

We also found a nice storage bed for the upstairs office. 

 We are also fostering another pup. Her name is Sophia and she is a sweetheart! We have had her for two months (she is in the center).

We finally finished the kitchen remodel 100% after completing the caulking for around the counters and sink a couple months ago. It's funny how the little things are forgotten once the remodel is functional. We hope to eventually add new lights in the kitchen and possibly add a plant shelf above the sink. 

Our boys - Maximus and Winston have been enjoying their catio! The weather is warming up...

We are closing on a second house! It is a 1928 home that has been changed to a duplex. It will be an investment property and we will be making small changes. We hope to put a new roof on it once we get possession and clean it up. The current renters will stay. We are looking forward to being landlords!

We have started the downstairs bathroom renovation. We took down the old beadboard because it had weird seams and did not look clean. We are putting up new beadboard, tearing down a wall, moving plumbing, tiling, replacing some floorboards, and installing a glass shower surround.

The previous owners' kids left some hilarious notes on the drywall. This wall has been torn down.

We ripped out the plastic shower surround, tub, and drywall. 

This wall was torn down and the plumbing was moved from right hand to left. 

The plumbing and tub were installed by the plumber. 

We have installed hardboard and have begun tiling. 

This is the new beadboard and trim. It looks much cleaner than the old beadboard with exposed seams. 

The tiling began yesterday. We made the wall between the toilet and tub a half wall. The rest of the wall will be glass. This will open up the bathroom... a lot. 

We plan on tiling all the way to the ceiling. It's a lot of tile! 

We will continue tiling today...I hope to get all of the tile up today and grout tomorrow. This is a small bathroom, but we think that the glass will open it up and make it feel larger. 

I will update again soon! 

Our goals for this summer:

- Continue expanding garden
- Concrete pads in back for parking the boat to get rid of the gravel area
- Begin working on rental house - new roof, some tile, and repair exterior steps 


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It's official - we are done with the downstairs bathroom! It has gone through several smaller renovations, but we have finished the final remodel! It has been nice to enjoy our new bathroom and think about future projects.

We chose to stick with the classic subway tile and beadboard to keep the bathroom looking timeless.

We took the wall halfway down between the toilet and shower to make it feel more open. It is amazing how much a little wall can make a difference! 
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We chose to paint the porch ceiling a haint blue because of the history behind it. We will see if it makes a difference with the amount of bugs.

It is amazing how much of a difference paint can make! Now for the fun part, the pictures.

The front of the house while the painters were working.

The north side of the house.

The west side of the house.

The north side.

The front

Front porch

They finished on Friday and it is still quite shocking to walk out and see a blue house instead of a yellow one. We think the blue makes the house look more historic and less like a cottage.

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Painted in Bunglehouse Blue by Sherwin Williams. We still need to do touch up and finish the window. 

Out the back, we plan on building a new door to match the side door. This door is proof of the previous owner's skill. It's how she did everything... 

The playhouse painted. It still needs house numbers, mailbox and some more trim. It's home for many bees and we hope to change that. 

And now for the obligatory yard update!
The roses are blooming! 

The Conquest Maple is filling in wonderfully. 

Snowball plant is blooming 

The irises have all taken off!

Geraniums and blue berries 

 The cacti are insane. 

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