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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kitchen Renovation 2017

We are in full kitchen renovation mode at The Bois Bungalow. I have been looking forward to this reno for years now... We have added an upper cabinet, microwave/range hood, moved cabinetry, removed some counters and backsplash. We are beginning the finishing of the butcher block counters and have several other small projects going.

Here is a sneak peek of some of what will be going in the kitchen:

New cabinet and microwave/range hood. We will build doors to match our existing cabinets. We are moving the stove under here.

Our solid oak butcher block counters

The countertops before being treated:

This is the underside of the counters. We are sealing them with Waterlox. We will finish the tops when they are installed. 

Our apron front sink from Ikea and faucet from Amazon

Garbage disposal! I am so excited for this... 

 We have had a record breaking winter this year... It feels like the snow has been non-stop since the end of November. It is pretty though...

Updates to come! We have a plumber coming in to run a new gas line and water line for the stove and pot filler. We will be having a carpenter cut the butcher block and we will be installing them. These are some of the plans:

Subway tile backsplash, new cabinet hardware, schoolhouse lighting, built in bench/cabinet for the end of the kitchen, new electrical, pot filler for behind the stove, open shelving... 

I'm looking forward to a beautiful kitchen! 

Monday, January 23, 2017

2016 Update on the Bois Bungalow

Happy winter! It has been a horrible winter here this year and we have been buried in ice and snow... We are 8 cancelled school days in and the snow is still here. I'm hoping this melts soon! 

I have not posted in a while, but there has not been much to blog about. We have done a lot of gardening and some woodwork around the house.

I will update with pictures and hope to have some big updates in the next couple months. For now, here are the pictures from the past year. 

The house in the spring. I am longing for sunny days like this again. 

We purchased a lot of compost this year to create additional garden beds on the property. This was just one load.

 We installed a new basketball hoop for our wisteria. Thomas has to break the concrete off of the old one.

 We built a new door for the shed. Here is the before picture from years ago:

... and after! It is so satisfying seeing this project complete.

 We fostered 5 kittens this summer! This is Rosie. She was adopted very quickly!

Winston (our cat) loved checking on the foster kittens so much. He would even help them escape the room they were in, so we had to shove pillows under the door to keep them in.

We had TONS of blueberries this year! I hope they survive the winter...

 We purchased a new jet boat and enjoyed taking it out this summer.

We fostered a yorkie, Bella (in the back) and found her the perfect forever home!

We have purchased all new appliances over the past 1-2 years... fridge, dishwasher, stove, and range hood microwave. 

We finally got up the motivation to complete the final two windows in the house! We stripped them with the heat gun years ago. They just needed to be scraped, sanded, stained and three coats of polyurethane.

The (almost) complete product! We did 3 coats of polyurethane after this picture was taken. 

 Our house this winter.

We are starting a kitchen renovation in the next week or so... I am excited to post about the changes in the Bois Bungalow this year! We have big plans for the kitchen: butcher block counters, subway tile, apron front sink, additional cabinet space, new lighting, open shelving, and much more! Updates to come...

Here are our goals for 2017:
-Remodel kitchen- new counters, lighting, sink, tile, etc.
-Gardening- we love working in the yard, so I see a lot of gardening in our future
-Ceiling treatment (possibly?) - We have cracks in the texture in the ceiling in the dining room, parlor, and living room. We have discussed doing a faux tin ceiling in those rooms.
-Patio (maybe?) - we have plans to eventually rip out the patio and replace with cobble stones. Who know if it will happen this year. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Woodwork, floors, and furniture!

We finished up the woodwork in the parlor and now just have two windows left before we are done with woodwork!

Finishing sanding the woodwork after stripping and scraping it.


Another finished window!

We had to replace several boards around the dining room windows because of damage and radiator holes.

We also had to fill in the gaps from where the colonnades and bookshelves were removed in the 30's. The previous owners had filled the gaps with plywood, so we matched the original oak with new oak.

This November, we finally refinished our main living area floors! It was a lot of square footage, but was pretty simple compared to our previous experiences (kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom). These floors are original to the house and are fir and oak. We knew we wanted to go with the same dark walnut color that we have done all of the other floors and woodwork in. Here are the floors before sanding:

First we sanded the floors down

Then we vacuumed and wiped the floors with mineral spirits to clean up the dust.

We let the mineral spirits dry overnight and got up bright and early to stain!

I love staining. It makes such a big difference so quickly.

Staining the quarter round


New heating registers

Finally finished!

We got new furniture to fill our beautiful new rooms.

We have two windows left to finish and I would love to move onto the kitchen next. We are also looking at purchasing another house in our neighborhood, but we will have to see how that goes...