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Patio Project

We have been talking about renovating our backyard patio for years, and this year we finally pulled the trigger and bought the materials! We hired an excavation company to tear up the old concrete patio, level the land, and to level our newer rental and put in a sprinkler system.  It has almost been a month long project and it's still not completely finished. 

The first day that the excavation company was here, they were moving some material and their skid steer fell through our old concrete patio! There was a sink hole (that we were not aware of) that was big enough to swallow their machinery. It was insane to walk out and see the machine in the ground. 

They were able to get their machinery out and it only slowed things down by an hour. 

They were able to get the land leveled out. We probably doubled the size of our patio.

They put down a layer of gravel.

We had the first load of pavers delivered pretty quickly.

We started at the gate to the street.
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Final Downstairs Bathroom and Kitchen Update

It's official - we are done with the downstairs bathroom! It has gone through several smaller renovations, but we have finished the final remodel! It has been nice to enjoy our new bathroom and think about future projects.

We chose to stick with the classic subway tile and beadboard to keep the bathroom looking timeless.

We took the wall halfway down between the toilet and shower to make it feel more open. It is amazing how much a little wall can make a difference! 
We had the glass surround custom made so that it was extra tall. We also had the plumber install the shower head up higher than normal. 

Thomas made a built in magazine rack and toilet paper holder. It gives a lot more space between the toilet and wall. 

The door on the right did not have the original woodwork (the door may have been added later on), so we had found a match and created our own trim. It matches perfectly... you can't even tell it is new! 

We have also finished up the kitchen, so we took some update…

April 2018 Update

The Bois Bungalow has had a few changes in the past year. We completed the kitchen, have been working on the yard, and started a bathroom renovation this week. 
Peonies from June 2017:

Cleaning up the spruce trees last summer:

We fostered 13 kittens and cats last summer... we were busy! 

We completed a small bathroom reno a couple months ago. Our upstairs bathroom has been pink since we moved in... We painted the walls, tiled the tub, and installed a shower to make the bathroom more useful. 

We chose a light gray color from Sherwin Williams (light french gray). It is a huge improvement from the Barbie pink! 

We also installed a large mirror. These changes will be good for a couple years until we can do a full gut on the bathroom and do a complete renovation (we are thinking claw foot tub, walk in shower, new vanity, flooring, etc.)

We also found a nice storage bed for the upstairs office. 

 We are also fostering another pup. Her name is Sophia and she is a sweetheart! We have had her…