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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Woodwork, floors, and furniture!

We finished up the woodwork in the parlor and now just have two windows left before we are done with woodwork!

Finishing sanding the woodwork after stripping and scraping it.


Another finished window!

We had to replace several boards around the dining room windows because of damage and radiator holes.

We also had to fill in the gaps from where the colonnades and bookshelves were removed in the 30's. The previous owners had filled the gaps with plywood, so we matched the original oak with new oak.

This November, we finally refinished our main living area floors! It was a lot of square footage, but was pretty simple compared to our previous experiences (kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom). These floors are original to the house and are fir and oak. We knew we wanted to go with the same dark walnut color that we have done all of the other floors and woodwork in. Here are the floors before sanding:

First we sanded the floors down

Then we vacuumed and wiped the floors with mineral spirits to clean up the dust.

We let the mineral spirits dry overnight and got up bright and early to stain!

I love staining. It makes such a big difference so quickly.

Staining the quarter round


New heating registers

Finally finished!

We got new furniture to fill our beautiful new rooms.

We have two windows left to finish and I would love to move onto the kitchen next. We are also looking at purchasing another house in our neighborhood, but we will have to see how that goes...

Friday, July 10, 2015

Busy time of year!

Wow, it has been almost 5 months since I last posted. I need to do an update! A lot has gone on in the past 5 months.

At the end of February, we painted the back hallway and the stairs that lead into the house. It was white with green stairs before. We also added a schoolhouse pendant light fixture back there that matches the other lights we have added in the house. It looks like we didn't take pictures after the crown molding was added. It's a difficult/small area to try and get good pictures.

We finished up the dining room windows in March. As of now, we only have 3 windows left. Once we finish those, we can do the floors! 

Towards the end of March, we added a bunch of garden beds in the front yard. Our goal is to eliminate as much grass as possible! 

Picked up some plants to start filling the flower beds...

We got several tons of compost and soil to fill the garden beds. 

Picked up two Conquest maples for the boulevard. 

And planted them with our other Conquest Maple and lilac bushes. 

Because of the fence that we built earlier this year, the playhouse was kind of in an awkward spot. We had my dad come over with his tractor and help us move the playhouse so it faced into the yard, rather than into the new fence. 

This is where the playhouse was before. 

We had my dad pick it up and rotate it out away from the fence.

 This is the playhouse after I painted the base and planted some things around it.

Here are some pictures of the garden at the end of April:

The irises were in full bloom!

We added some garden edging in the front (and eventually painted both sides!)

The roses were in bloom

At the end of May we had electricians come out and move our meter off of the back of our house. It is an eyesore, and we were tired of looking at it in the back. We also had plans for solar, so we decided we wanted all of the meters on the side of the house behind a bush that would hide them. 

When I came home, I noticed they were wiring it on the outside of the house! We were paying them to put the wire on the inside, so they had to start over. 

Then they removed the meter and brackets that held it. 

Here is the meter on the other side of the house. We went back and painted it all to match the house, so it doesn't stand out. 

In June, we had a new roof installed! We have needed one for a while, and it feels great knowing that we should not have a leaky roof anytime soon. I chose a dark color because I felt that it would look best with the dark blue. I really like how it turned out.

Here is when they delivered the materials. You can see the old roof color... Yuck!

They ripped all the old roofing off and dumped it in a trailer.

Here they are working on it. There were a few sections that the wood had to be replaced.

New roof going on! This was exciting.

More new roof!

Final inspection.

Finished roof! Now we just need to get up there and replace those trim boards that were rotted. We have the wood, just need to prime and paint them so they can go up!

We just recently had solar panels installed on the roof. We love the idea of eventually having little to no power bill, and it just worked out that the pay off will be about 4 years, and then we will be paying ourselves instead of the power company! I will update with pictures in another post.