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Finished Patio!

We completed the patio a couple months ago, and have already hosted a couple of events outside. We are really looking forward to the warmer weather next year to be able to truly enjoy it.

We added the pergola from Costco and a new barbecue set up from Lowe's.

The set up came with a sink, cooler, barbecue, fridge, and tons of storage. I see many bbqs with friends and family in our future!

We also added lighting to the pergola and several strands attached to the house. We are loving the extra light and ambiance the string lights add to the patio. 

The retaining wall in the back adds extra seating and holds back the land. 

We also bought a patio swing for the front porch that has been nice for watching the dogs play in the front yard. 

We also recently purchased our fourth house (3rd rental property) and are working on getting it all fixed up! We now have:

-Our 1912 Craftsman bungalow
-1928 Craftsman duplex (rented out)
-1948 mid century home (rented out)
-1920 itty bitty bungalow (soon to be rented out! We are hoping for a December 1 move in date)

These homes are all within 6 blocks of our residence, so it is really

We are loving being landlords and look forward to continuing to add to our property list. We truly enjoy fixing old houses up and reviving our neighborhood.


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Patio Project

We have been talking about renovating our backyard patio for years, and this year we finally pulled the trigger and bought the materials! We hired an excavation company to tear up the old concrete patio, level the land, and to level our newer rental and put in a sprinkler system.  It has almost been a month long project and it's still not completely finished. 

The first day that the excavation company was here, they were moving some material and their skid steer fell through our old concrete patio! There was a sink hole (that we were not aware of) that was big enough to swallow their machinery. It was insane to walk out and see the machine in the ground. 

They were able to get their machinery out and it only slowed things down by an hour. 

They were able to get the land leveled out. We probably doubled the size of our patio.

They put down a layer of gravel.

We had the first load of pavers delivered pretty quickly.

We started at the gate to the street.

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The shed after we pressure washed it twice and sanded it down.

Painted in Bunglehouse Blue by Sherwin Williams. We still need to do touch up and finish the window. 

Out the back, we plan on building a new door to match the side door. This door is proof of the previous owner's skill. It's how she did everything... 

The playhouse painted. It still needs house numbers, mailbox and some more trim. It's home for many bees and we hope to change that. 

And now for the obligatory yard update!
The roses are blooming! 

The Conquest Maple is filling in wonderfully. 

Snowball plant is blooming 

The irises have all taken off!

Geraniums and blue berries 

 The cacti are insane. 

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The most recent addition to our home: rain barrels and copper rain chains. A couple months ago, we had new seamless gutters installed to replace the plastic do-it-yourself gutters the previous owner had installed. We asked the installers to adapt them to fit rain chains, and installed our copper rain chains a couple weeks later.

Before: You can see the many seams that the old gutters had. They all leaked!

After: This is the front of the house, but you can see... NO seams! :)

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