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Another Kitchen Update...

At the Bois Bungalow, we are about 90% done with our kitchen remodel! I am pretty excited to share with you pictures of our kitchen from the past couple months. 

We installed a large and beautiful apron front sink and new chrome faucet. 

The counters were sanded and ready for stain.

I stained the majority of the counters and then we began working on the tile.

There were some uneven areas that we leveled out.

Tiling was a slow and tedious job, but I really enjoyed it!

There were thousands of spacers...

...and buckets of mastic.

A garbage disposal was installed (<3)

New electrical outlets were installed. I chose to have them horizontal and lower so that they would be less obvious.

More tiling... slowly but surely we finished!

I knew that I wanted the whole wall to be tile... Thomas thought I was crazy, but when he saw it completed, he agreed!

Next, the grout! We chose white grout. I feel like white gives it a more subtle and historic look.

We installed under cabinet lighting (not the best picture) and I love the convenience of just turning these lights on at night.

As you can see, the grout (white area) changes the look of the tile.

Next, we completed the next couple areas of counters. We had to sand, condition, stain, and Waterlox.

We have a few small projects left to do, but I am really enjoying having my kitchen back. I am in love with our space and I will update soon with some projects that we have completed recently!

Recently completed projects:
-Installation of our pot filler 
-Bench seating/storage area 
-Stained kitchen cart 
-Installation of purse hooks 

Upcoming projects:
-Order and install new cabinet hardware and hinges 
-Build and install rustic open shelving above the coffee bar
-Install and paint new cabinet doors 
-Install beadboard and coat hooks


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