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Kitchen Update

We are now weeks into our kitchen renovation and we are over the mid-project hump. We have done so much... Warning, this post is going to be picture heavy.

Our kitchen used to be Laminate City. It was horrid... A counter top that matched (?) our cabinets. Who thinks that's a good idea? Look at this beauty:

We ripped out the 'backsplash' and the counters. We found that previous owners had wired behind the backsplash. Great decisions...

We have made countless trips to Home Depot, Ace, and Lowes. The dogs like to come with us.

 We moved a section of cabinets so that we could place the stove on an exterior wall to vent outside.

After moving the cabinets, we found there was a hole in the floors that we had not anticipated. This would have to be repaired, sanded, and stained to match the rest of the kitchen fir floors. 

When ripping the backsplash out, we found evidence of the original faucet.

We chose to go with simple white subway tile. 

We had originally planned on having a professional carpenter cut the counters, but he cancelled last minute so we decided to do it on our own.

We were nervous about the 45 degree cut to make the two sections of counter match up in the corner. It worked out great!

We cut everything outside while Couver supervised.

The only professional work we have had done is a gas and water line for the stove. We are installing a pot filler, so we wanted one plumbed in when he moved the gas line for the stove.

We refinished the flooring under the stove. It isn't perfect, but we will never see it...

Thomas used brackets to tie the two sections of counter together.

We had to cut smaller sections of counter.

We also made a skinny base cabinet to hold our spice rack.

Khloe Mae was a great helper. 

We did a dry fit of the sink to make sure the measurements were correct. 

Thomas drilled a hole in the counters for the garbage disposal.

... and made many more trips to HD, Lowes, and Ace.

We filled in the seam between the counters and sanded...

We started tiling behind the sink. It's pretty simple! 

We conditioned the counters after sanding and wiping them down. This helps them stain more evenly. 

Stain is my favorite favorite part. It is always such a drastic change. We stained the counters Minwax Dark Walnut like all of our woodwork and floors. 

While I stained, I would let it sit and then wipe it away after a few minutes. 

The kitchen after staining.

We tiled some more... behind the stove and freezer.

I like to leave little notes and items behind when we do projects.

The spice rack will be to the right of the dishwasher right next to the stove. 

Thomas installed a garbage disposal! This is a big deal... We have never had one in this house.

... and installed more tile.

I am in love with my Ikea Domsjo sink! It's huge...

Our first meal in the kitchen in weeks... Everything has been torn apart, so we've been eating out a LOT.

Electrical was done. We had no plugs in half of the kitchen, so this will make it so much more functional.

We spent all day doing electrical and tiling today... more pictures to come! 


  1. It looks really nice. Congrats. Though, I'm wondering if that deep counter overhang is going to cause a problem reaching for drawers.

  2. Thanks! The deep counter is on the section with only cabinets... no drawers to reach for. One section of cabinets is deeper than the rest, so we kept the counters a consistent depth.

  3. Where did you purchase your cabinets? I love them!

  4. Our cabinets are original to the home! We have pictures from the 1930's that show the same cabinets. They were originally wood, but have been painted.


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