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Well, I said I'd update with pictures... So here is a picture overload:

Knob and tube wiring

Bunglehouse blue up the stairwell... It looks less smurf blue in real life. I think it's going to look great with the trim painted a crisp white and with some solid carpet going up the stairs. 

New lighting. On the left is the porch light and the two on the right are the sconces we chose for the living room.

New porch light. Not my favorite out there, but it also was not $200, so it will do for now. 

The new sconces. They give off so much light... It is great. Our living room used to be a dark dungeon

I love it!

Light switch by the front door. The left- sconces, middle- lamp plugs and right is the porch light.

The state of the living room last night. We cleared it out so that our couches could be delivered.

Couver telling me he is over the cleaning and wants to play.

 Our new couches. We don't have all the pieces... It will eventually be one big sectional.

And that is it for now! I'm sure we will be back to work soon... I'm looking forward to more progress on the woodwork. 


  1. It's always fun to get new furniture!

  2. It is a lot fun to get furniture... What sucks is when it arrives, and your husband changes his mind. We are returning the piece that's by itself and purchasing a corner piece, an armless chair and another storage console.

    We originally thought we wanted two separate couches, but because they are so gigantic (this picture does not show the true size...), we need it to be all one piece. We have another month wait for the rest of the pieces... At least we have the couch part for now.


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